- using Artificial Intelligence to enable Publishers to thrive

Full AI optimisation through iterative testing and learning

Significant % revenue increase and continuous improvement

Zero technical integration/ AdOps friction

Our vision is to enable digital Publishers to compete in the increasingly complex digital advertising landscape

We believe that Publishers are incredibly important, and we want to help them thrive, both in the current advertising landscape, and into the future. We also understand that allocating resources for R&D can be difficult as publishers fight to focus on their core activity - producing great content and engaging their audiences. is a deep learning Artificial Neural Network that processes vast stores of data, developing and transacting meaningful optimisations to empower Publishers to optimise their revenue.

Our Alpha is fully subscribed, but please reach out if you would like to join our Beta.

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Our Alpha is now fully subscribed.

If you are a publisher interested in maximising your revenue at no extra cost, please contact us below to join our Beta program